SKILL Automatic labeler "Hattarou"

I want to automate the labeling...

Affixed defaulted other label printing of bar codes, etc., will build a labeling system in accordance with the specifications of the user like.
Those who are considering labeling system, please contact us once.


Label Size (W) 15 ~ 100mm
(L) 15 ~ 100mm
Label interval 3mm or more
Label roll outer diameter MAX 300mm
Paper tube diameter 38mm / 75mm
Label stopping accuracy ± 0.5mm
Labeling number MAX 200/min
Drive system Pulsing motor
Speed ​​Pasting MAX 25m/min
Power AC100V(50/60Hz) 100VA
Main body dimensions (D)460 X (W)600 X (H)570mm
Weight 20kg

  • Printer
  • Output devices forced volume
  • Automatic sticking apparatus
  • Automatic label switching equipment
    Auto Splicer