About Skill Engeneering...

We are delivered to design a model to a number of entities and FA line leading consumer electronics, automotive and industrial products manufacturer, a high-speed assembly and inspection system of small precision parts as a professional manufacturer of custom automatic machine.
We became to be "if development themes that require a comprehensive strength of the mechanical technology and motion control software, call SKILL ENGINEERING." in the technical team of advanced corporate customers.
We believe that in the technical response capabilities wide width that can supply equipment equipment in a way that matched the personality of FA production line of enterprise customers these proven.
Our technicians involved from the stage that since its inception in 1975, FA production line is planned, to know the whole imagine of technical requirements demanded by enterprise customers, we fineness of texture to go finish the automatic machine along the image to determine in, I have gotten your trust.
In order to work to the advancement of introducing skill of new technology, to improve the reliability and economic efficiency of the product, we have to devote great importance to corporate structure that can be in a way that is coherent, more technology cooperation with customers like companies on it is willing to be beaten.
Thank you deeply grateful, that was continued to develop for your continued support of everyone.