Advanced Total Factory Automation

We are to meet the various demands on the automation of you.
We support all the FA automation in support flexible and know-how of its own.
Measures in the event of failure is also perfect at the same time.
Please feel free to contact us about anything.

TurnOver / Plaster / Open&Close / etc.

Automation system

Screw tightening operation Caulking work Pitting Soldering The labeling, peel off label
Automatic switching of work tools Welding operation Automatic press, shaping work Working sequentially by index Cutting operation

  • Thread fastening
  • Caulking
  • Drilling
  • Ceiling
    • (Potting casting)
    • (Loading connection)
  • Soldering
  • Putting on seal
  • The label stuck, remove


Data verification record

Image processing and inspection work discrimination Weighing Checksum on-determination work Temperature control management work Printer recording work
Measurement and inspection work Data network integrated management Every case, whether inspection Various instrument management tasks Bar code sorting operation

  • Inspection
  • Image processing
  • Measurement and Weighing
  • Electrical test
  • Shape confirmation
  • Printer record


Transport, positioning

SCARA robot transport, palletizing work Articulated robot work Product take-up work 3D palletizing work Precision component insertion work
Conveyor transportation task Roller conveyor transportation task The parts supply work by the parts feeder Adsorption transport of various products and parts Tray transport and unloading
Work folding box for packaging cardboard Finished product discharge work

  • Supply
  • Alignment
  • Transport
  • Insert
  • Eject
  • Transfer
  • Pinsetter


Measures when an error occurs

Warning and measures of air leakage at the time Warning and measures overrun time Warning measures and work full time Warning measures and when an error occurs Warning and measures leak during
Avoidance measures for dangerous work Electric shock prevention Avoidance measures of risk involved in the human body Warning Notice!! Warning Notice!!

  • Air leakage
  • Overrun
  • Work full
  • Work shortage
  • Safety cover
  • Leak
  • Finger amputation